Lunes, Agosto 9, 2010

Strategic Management Building Competitive Advantage.

I would like to thank Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Hongkong University, Malaya University, Assuit University, Bahrain University, Gulf University, Southwestern University, University of Visayas, Central Philippines University, San Carlos University, Bulacan State University, San Beda College, National University of Australia and University of Beirut for including the book in their syllabus and for student's reference. My heartfelt thanks.

Emotional Intelligence- Putting Things In Proper Perspectives and Mojo or Nojo-Where Are You Living? were conceptualized during my stint with one of the colleges in the Middle East. Writing of these books served as a developmental process to me (since there is no collaborative research undertakings within the college-I call it the dry-up knowledge)and minimize boredom created by the environment.

Strategic Management Building Competitive Advantage and Human Resource Management In Action were written a long time ago, but was completed lately when I was in Singapore.

I thanks God for the blessings.

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