Linggo, Agosto 29, 2010

Strategic Management, Emotional Intelligence,Human Resource Management in Action, Managing People are NOW BEING SOLD WORLDWIDE.

An Invitation for the Six Sigma Training Seminar in Hongkong.. Jolito Ortizo Padilla is the Resource Trainor...

Jolito Ortizo Padilla Books: Emotional Intelligence- Putting Things in Proper Perspectives,Strategic Management -Building Competitive Advantage, Human Resource in Action, Mojo or Nojo- Where Are You Living, and Managing People are available in all bookstores of Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hongkong, Macau, Shanghai, all GCC Countries, London, Australia, India (Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai. Mumbai, Madras) ,New Zealand,Dublin,France, Chicago, Los Angeles, California and San Francisco, Minnesota,  USA and Canada.

Strategic Management-Building Competitive Advantage is the official textbook of 48 Universities and Colleges Worldwide.

Human Resources in Action is the official textbook of  36 Universities and Colleges Worldwide.

Emotional Intelligence- Putting Things in Proper Perspectives sold 7,400 copies Worldwide.

We don't sell online.For convenience and safety - Please deal with our Official Distributors in each Region.

Books are now available in IPad e-book, Samsung Galaxy e-reader, Nokia MeeGo e-book, Sony e-book,Sharp Galapagos tablet reader, Playbook , Amazon's Kindle 3G e-book and Toshiba Libretto tablet reader.. 

Thank you for buying my books... My Appreciation to Virgin Megastore for the support they give me from conceptualization to marketing these books.

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