Huwebes, Agosto 19, 2010


From the Book "Emotional Intelligence- Putting Things in Proper Perspectives."

DO- Do not worry over things that may never happen, and even if they happen, worry will not help. Do count your blessing before you count cases.

RE- Radiate goodwill and spirit of benevolence. Like laughter, it is infectious and make yourself, as well as others, feel better.

MI- Mete kindness, understanding, tolerance, and forgiveness generously. You reap as you mete.

FA- Far reaching are therapuetic benefits of spiritual thinking. You become as you habitually think. Resentment, hatred, spite, envy and vengeance pack radio-active fall out that gnaws at your vitals. They are self consuming.

SO- Sow the seeds of love, friendship , empathy and helpfulness. These hardy seeds take root in the crustiest ground.

LA- Laugh at yourself now and then. He who can laugh at himself is less apt to be at war with himself. Laugh at yourself, even if you don't feel like laughing.

TI- Teach yourself awareness and appreciate all of the wonders of nature. Thank God daily for the precious gift of life. Genuine gratitude and discontent are never found together.

DO- Do not expect someone else to open the door to happiness for you. You must do it yourself. You alone have the key. Turn it.

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