Lunes, Hulyo 26, 2010


Truth to tell, "Corruption" and "Poverty Alleviation" are nice words and catchy but they have eluded solutions since time immemorial. Will there be a first time?
You be a judge.

Filipino people have yet to see or hear from their leaders their vision, action plans, pork barrel reforms, abolition of culture of extortion at all level of government but governance by example.

P-Noy should define , Where we are?, Where he wants to take us, How he propose to take us there.

We heard much of our sorry state in the here and now, but not enough details about where he wants to take us and how he would take us there.

I wish he had touched a bit for something good that the past president has accomplished.

But I don't remember past presidents saying good things about their predecessor either.

How about the reproductive health and sex education, Mr President..

So many things to suggests... but let's wait and see after two years on P-Noy's leadership and governance.

I pray for his success...and may God Bless our country ....

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