Huwebes, Hulyo 22, 2010

Ang Summer Classes ko sa Japan...

I wanted to thank God for the opportunity to teach during the summer classes at the Sanno Institute of Management - Tokyo, Japan.. It commences from July 10, 2010 to August 15, 2010.

This is the happiest day of my life since there are those people who don't believe that I graduated my MBA at this university..

Believe it or not, I am teaching the best students in Asia and Pacific.

Smile and praise God for all of the blessings.

Kids were all graduated from the university and have their own career.

Houses mortgages were paid and are renovated according to my design and convenience.

What more can I ask, but to thank God because He made my life victorious against my enemies.

I knew that sometimes I have my weaknesses, but God is merciful and forgiving and I always ask for His forgiveness and God easily forgives.

Now, I could stand with confidence but will remain humble and meek.

All I ask from HIM is good health, to be humble at all times and help other people who needs my help.

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