Lunes, Nobyembre 4, 2013

The Philippines Business Climate by Jolito Ortizo Padilla

Philippines is a highly educated English speaking country, the Philippines overtook India in  early 2011 in call center jobs, employing 350,000 compared with India's 330,000. Call centers in the Philippines produced $7.4 billion in revenue in 2011, and that figure is growing about 15 percent annually. The Philippines recently overtook Indonesia as the world's biggest supplier of voice-based call center services. Citigroup and Chase are just two companies outsourcing customer calls , back office work, and other operations to the Philippines. A major reason why the Philippines is an attractive place for call centers is the country's overall culture " to deliver absolutely fantastic service". An associate professor at the City University of Hongkong , John Lockhead , says "Filipinos go out of their way, not just in call centers, but in tourism and events management, to ensure people are well looked after.

The Philippines has about 98 million people, making the country the world's largest in population. Located in Southeast Asia , the Philippines was a founding member of the United Nations and is very active in that organization. Filipinos love Americans who rescued them in WW11. Thousands of Filipinos today work all-night shifts to accomodate normal 8 am to 5 pm business time zone in the United States.

Unemployment is at 6.9 percent in the Philippines , but underemployment -defined as people who work only part time or with minimal incomes - is 18 percent. The average capita income of Filipinos is about $1,790 a year , so hundreds of thousand of Filipinos work outside the country. In fact  , the Philippines economy depends greatly on outside workers sending money back to the country and also travelling to and from the country.

The television advertising market in the Philippines is nearly $4 billion annually , larger than India's and on par with Indonesia's . Television is the most enjoyed media among the Philippines 7,100 island people, whereas newspapers are the most important media outlet in India. Television ads comprise 75% of advertising spending in the Philippines.

Among major emerging economies, the Philippines has only a 9 percent Internet penetration rate among its population, which is very low compared to China (28.9%) , Nigeria (28.4%), Mexico (28.3%) , and Russia (29.0%) . But the Philippines' 9 percent rate is above the Internet penetration rate among Indonesia's population (8.7%) and India's population (5.1%). These percentages reveal the percentage of the country's people that could shop online.

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