Huwebes, Oktubre 28, 2010

Your Career Questions Answered by Jolito Ortizo Padilla - from The Olayan Group-KSA and A Company in Dammam, KSA

" I have the chance to spend shadowing the marketing department, but will it benefit me?"

Try to understand here this opportunity has come from and what you are expected to bring to the role. Many organizations will try to move managers between functions so they are able to understand a wider range of aspects of the business and can contribute to any debate from a balanced point of view. It also ensures that managers don't get stuck in a rut because they are moved on to other business functions before they become stale. Other organizations may have a specific task that they want you to do in the function they are moving you to. Perhaps you have developed a reputation for problem solving that organization believes can be effectively applied in a new setting. Your senior management team may be expecting you to provide a solution to problems that they have identified in the other department.

Try to understand if this is a routine posting or a problem -solving activity . If the latter, you need to understand management's perception of the problem. At least then you start off with an objective to accomplish -even if your invesigation results in different problem definition and hence solution.

There are many synergies between quality and marketing. Marketing is more than advertising and sales. At its heart is capturing customer requirements and incorporating these into the design and delivery of the product and services with the overall objective of providing customer satisfaction. So far it looks as if those in quality and marketing are occupying the same ground.

Where the quality professional can generally add value is using our experience of the process approach. We can ensure the inputs to the marketing process are valid and based on sound market research and that the process is managed from end to end to ensure objectives have been achieved. We can incorporate any lessons learned back into the organization's body of knowledge for future marketing activities.

A role in unfamiliar surroundings brings a new set of challenges. How you tackle them will depend on the brief you have been given. If you are perceived as having been parachuted in to fight fires there maybe some intial problems with people in the department and it will be a good test of your interpersoanl skills. Get to know the people, how the function operates and its key processess before you start to suggest any changes. Leaping to conclusions in this or any other area is a sure fire- way to lose credibility.

Whatever happens , you have an opportunity to learn more about marketing and your on organization-enjoy it.

While there are useful benefits to using third party certification, achieving the requirements of quality management is the major tangible benefit from working with the ISO 9001 standard.

Choosing a certification body is the most important step in maximising benefit to your enterprise as the body will have the knowledge , experience, expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Third party certification reduces the necessity for repetitive auditing from different companies that can occur with new customers. A credible ISO 9001 certificate from a reputable company gives access to the global market and the ability to demonstrate that your quality management system will achieve your enterprise with a competitive advantage.

Reputable third party certification bodies provide trained individual assessors , internal systems and impartiality in performing quality management assessments. Their support in achieving ISO 9001 certification will give customers the confidence to place business with you, knowing they can expect a consistent product. This will open new markets as large companies will be able to rely on the assurance that your certification will be rigorously maintained by the third party certification body.

But succesful certification ISO 9001 is only the start. You could go on to work with ISO 9004 for a program of sustainable improvement . If your enterprise can try to make things a little better as it grows, with a little good fortune the music may never end.

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