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Meditation: Potential Key to Leadership Success /What Jolito Ortizo Padilla says about Culture

The two concepts are included in my book "Emotional Intelligence-Putting Things in Proper Perspectives:

Meditation: Potential Key to Leadership Success

New research into brain function and psychological development reveals that peak performers have significantly higher degrees of brain and psychological development than the average population. Subjects from world champion athletes to high level managers and leaders across sectors were compared with average -performing control groups.

The results support the model that leadership ability is closely related to psyco-physiological refinement. The author found that the higher integration of the electrical brain activity more mature moral reasoning and more frequent peak experience are found top performers. The study Higher Development , Brain Integration , and Excellence Leadership is conceptualized in the pages of my book Emotional Intelligence-Putting Things in Proper perspectives.

Dr. Harald Harung, associate professor at Oslo University, " There is a growing agreement among researchers that leadership development is, in essence , self development. The primary dimension in developing leadership is to develop the personality , the consciousness of the potential leader."

Dr. Harung said previous research by Dr, Fred Travis, found that people who had been practising transcendental meditation for up to seven years had a level of brain integration similar to peak performers. Those who had been practicing transcendental meditation for at least 20 years had significantly higher levels.

"Restful alertness during trenscendental meditation activates and so strengthens frontal executives circuits, the basis for successful learning." explains Dr. Travis, director of Maharishi University of Management's Center for Brain,Consciousness and Cognition.

What Jolito Ortizo Padilla say about "Culture"

A company culture is the environment created by the priorities it sets. Sometimes those are explicit in a company's formal mission statement or in the structure of the organization and the power given to different departments. Sometimes they are implicit, what the Financial Times once called" the large number of unspoken sssumptions and beliefs which managers in the organization share about the way we do things around here."

Tom Tierney, a consultant and author of Aligning the Stars, says" A corporation's culture is what determines how people behave when they are not being watched." Several things shape a corporation's culture:
- Employees' behavior: new recruits usually do what they see, not what they are told. This can range from dress codes to respect for technology and standard working hours. It can include the importance given to symbols. For example, exclusive parking spaces , or to the way that senior managers are discussed or during the college meeting, the group discussed senseless ideas and became confrontational, this will evolved on the mind of the new recruit that the meeting is a farce, keeping his idea to himself or providing minimum suggestions.
- The employee selection process: the type of person recruited by an organization reflects and reinforces its culture. Some companies recruit people of a partuclar kind because they believe that kind is best for the job.
- The nature of the business: certain industries , such as movies or banking , foster a particular culture.
- The external environment: companies need to take into account the culture society in which they are operating. For example, one cannot transpose the methods of Manila straight to Hyderabad downtown and expect to have a harmonious operation.

One of the few areas of management study that has been dominated by Europeans rather than Americans is cross cultural management. Europeans have a natural advantage. Fons Trompenaars , an authority in the field, once wrote that his Dutch father and his French mother gave him "an understanding of the fact that if something works in one culture , there is a little chance it will work in another."

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