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Using Marketing to Gain Benefits- concept written by Jolito Ortizo Padilla

One year and a half ago in the Land of the Desert, I was told by someone that he is in doubt whether I could write an article or even a research project. I just laugh it off since I know where I stand and I knew myself very well.

So here I am, back to writing my original articles and research projects. Man.. learn from this..

My concept of marketing basics-The Four Ps + Three Ps + SIVA..

Marketing management have a useful model known as the four Ps or the "marketing mix". This model highlights four key areas in which marketers often have a significant interest, as they can be critical to business success. A total quality approach looks for ways to improve and sustain quality in all parts of the organization and its processes. Working closely with marketing people in these areas can have a significant benefit to the firm.

Attention to the product/service is the classic first place to focus. Delivering what is needed , conforming to customer requirements and ensuring the product is fit for the purpose is of intense interest to both quality and marketing people.

Pricing products and services is a black art, where higher prices can create an impression of higher quality and even lead to greater sales. However, if this expectation is set it is critical to ensure that delivery results in delight not anger.

Sales usually have a geographic component that needs to be considered. Where will the buyer be when they order? How will the product be delivered to them? How long will it take? What logistics are involved. Much of this is a part of the buying experience and can affect customer satisfaction as well as adding to business costs. Quality reaches all the way up to when the customer takes delivery of the product and beyond.

Marketers put particular effort into making any potential customers aware of the product or service and how it is of benefit to them. Promotion can include advertising , personal selling, publicity , public relations and overall product brand activities. Quality here include ensuring accuracy of communications as well as compliance with advertising and consumer communication legislation.

As with many popular models, a number of people have offered extension and variations. Unsurprisingly, everything begins with P. The "seven Ps" add the following:
- People: People are variables in the overall process, especially when it comes to service delivery
- Process: the whole end to end process, particularly around customer interface , should be examined carefully
- Physical evidence: to sell products or services, evidence such as case -studies, demonstrattions and references can help with the sale.

Other models include extension from "participation" to "personalisation".A counterbalance customer focused model to the four Ps approach is known as SIVA, in which:
- The product creates a helpful solution.
- Promotion provides useful information.
- The price point is one that is seen as good value.
- The place of sale is easily accessible.

The bottomline throughout the model for both the quality professional and the marketer is to nesure a consistent customer experience that is aligned with the business brand while sustaining the minimum necessary costs in doing so. Having happy customers, and more sales leads to happy shareholders , happy bosses and more jobs.

I would like to acknowledged my three Prince Jewels:
1. Justin Luzurriaga Padilla - Cardiologist- Mayo Clinic -Rochester, USA
2. Job Luzurriaga Padilla - Head-Design Engineer- Toyota Corporation, Japan
3. Jolito Luzurriaga Padilla Jr. - Neuro Surgeon - Ronald Reagan Medical Center and Mattel Children's Clinic. LA.

Thank you kids for being understanding and Having FAITH in GOD, which contributed much to your success... A promise is a promise.... Let's go together to a place where I was born..

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