Biyernes, Marso 16, 2012

Management Quality: Crucial to Staff Morale by Jolito Ortizo Padilla

With increased worries about job security and frozen salaries widespread, managers have to perform to the best of their ability to lift staff morale, according to GA Business and Management Consultancy. When publishing the results of its latest expatriates employee outlook survey in Bahrain, the GABMC revealed that almost a third of staff say their standard of living has  declined over the last six months with 46% confirming their pay has frozen, 7% that their pay has been cut and 20% believing that their job is at risk.

To combat the ill feeling, the GABMC is arguing that how managers communicate, consult, coach and develop staff is critical for morale and that organizations need to deliver consistently high quality leadership for their own sustainability.

GABMC further said:" If organizations don't invest in developing high performing managers, they may find better managed competitors racing past on the road to recovery. Employers need to find cost effective ways of equipping their line managers with the people management skills to support employee engagement and well being.

"They also need to consult and involve staff where major reorganizations or changes in terms and conditions are looming if they are to keep people on side and pulling together to deliver future success."

After tracking the progress of twenty top organizations undertaking change programmes,it has revealed eight areas which businesses should concentrate on including capability building, collaborative leadership and organizational agility. These  areas came as the GABMC published the findings from one  year research program.

The findings also supported the need for best practice management and communications approaches to ensure fully engaged employees.

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